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The Gummy Bear Guy™ and all his creations are property of SUGAR FREAKS® 2023
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the Original Gigantic TM Gummy Bears!

In 2003 Derek Lawson purchased his first candy store in Wilmington, NC.  He created a new genre of candy which saved the once failing business.  His new creations set him apart from all-other candy stores and ultimately became a modern day cultural icon:



You can buy Derek's (aka: the Gummy Bear GuyTM) Original GIGANTIC GUMMYTM BEARS here 

made by the creator himself from his original molds! 

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They're Great Gifts Year-round!
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the Original

World's largest gummy bears!TM

and other Bigger Gummy creations
Brick-and-Mortar Store
Home of the World's Largest Gummy Bears! TM

In 2006 Derek purchased and reversed the fortunes of another failing candy store in Raleigh, NC and made it profitable again - as the new home of his


On March 31st, 2019 Derek closed this location to concentrate efforts towards online sales and building his vision for a new store in a new location.

"Thank you to all our customers who have followed and visited us

throughout the last 15 years! You're gonna LOVE our new place!"     


                                                 -Derek (aka the Gummy Bear Guy)

the Original Realistic & Delicious

world famous 

GummyTM food

The Gummy Bear GuyTM
Behind the Scenes

People are always interested in seeing just how Derek makes his candy creations. Seeing is believing, and we have the master-molds, pictures and videos of all of the candy art that he has ever made. He'll be giving tours again soon in the new candy factory. Until then you can take the media tour. 

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